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    Ayurveda Geriatrics in Action

    By Vedika Global Ayurveda Clinical Specialist Shaaranya Geetanjali Chakraborty On March 21, 2015, I gave a talk, in partnership with Ananta Ripa Ajmera, to a group of 15 seniors organized by Bhupen Mehta in Cupertino. The audience was mostly South Asian with a few exceptions. We designed it as an experience and started the evening

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    Meet Our Graduates: Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham

    Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham is a Vedika Global certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner at Vedika Global’s Wellness Clinic. She is an award-winning art director and graphic designer. She is also a 2nd level certified Reiki practitioner and is part of Sonia Choquette’s teacher training program. She has been beekeeping since 2007 and enjoys taking classes

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