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    Lessons From a Life-Changing Year of Self-Healing

    By Vedika Global Ayurveda Health Educator Vidya Deepa Gupta About a year ago, when I just started my journey at Vedika, I had a lot of Tamas (an unconscious quality of the mind that creates inertia). I never had a fixed time of going to bed, I would not wake up

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    Meet Our Graduates: Shankari Kate Sadowsky

    Shankari Kate Sadowsky has a Masters in Holistic Health Education and completed over five years of study at Vedika Global, including two years of clinical internship, leading to the title of Vaidya Bhushana (an Ayurveda Clinical Specialist). She practices Ayurveda through her private practice, Bija Ayurveda, and has been working

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